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Cedar Point

    Well Cedar Point is a world
wide favorite and one of the most well known parks out there.  So that
statement should give an idea how great Cedar Point is.

    It is one of my personal
favorites not only for they're world famous coasters but also there great
atmosphere.  The first time I went there was back in 2002 when Wicked
Twister was put in and its been a yearly tradition since. Cedar Point is a
wonderful park set on a peninsula with a beautiful setting and great historical

    I love there employees and
love how they come up to you and have conversations while your sitting, and ask
how your day was.  They're lines are always running smoothly except for
Dragster due to all the break downs.  They supply a good amount of shade
and mist fans to keep you cool.

    Now for the real reason why
Cedar Point rocks, the coasters!  I can't find any park with better
coasters and such a good variety anywhere.  They have my favorite coasters
there and I still haven't found a better park yet with better.  Millennium
Force my all time favorite rollercoaster and many others.  Maverick just
pure fun laughing craziness, turns, airtime, just fun.  Dragster, well its
fast, short, and an adrenaline rush.

    I need to stop with the
coasters because I could go all day about them. Well anyway the Hotel Breakers
is great because you can walk right back to your room and the lake front view is
just breath taking.  Well that's my review and if you ever get the chance
go here.  I sure will, my rating is a 10/10


Welcome to Cedar Point!

Maverick from the station and, some of its twisty goodness.

Cedar Points awesome skyline!

Millennium Force, I can only describe it as AWESOME!

Wicked Twister and Disaster Transport.

Dragster, look, its big, fast, and fun!

Some more of Maverick.


More Maverick and the giant thing in the Background.

Mavericks Turny

Don't ask gayness comes out at random times. LOL

Ferris Wheel,  BTW sweet picture!

Mantis another sweet shot!



Demon Drop!

I was lost and confused!?!?!?!

Thanks for reading and our mini group photo! lol