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Carowinds - July 10th, 2008 Go Back

Welcome to Carowinds!

First up, Nighthawk!

Vertical loop goodness.

Great ride, except your eyeballs might get burned out!


More Vertical loop goodness.


Me and Tyler understood why this was a SLC in training, it
hurt just as bad!

Bang, shmack, ow!

Tyler said Koma, in Vekoma stood for coma. He said that's an
appropriate name for the coaster company, lol. I found it kind of funny.

Next up After Burn!  This coaster surprised both of us,
it was awesome!


Yeah, its awesome!

So many inversions, we love it!

One more.

First and Second missed credit of trip. :(

It looks like an average racer to me.

A little better then Roller Soaker, but not great. 
Roller soaker is much more interactive though.

Time for this.  Average mine train.

The half tunnel things were a neat affect.

What park would be complete without a little ouch.

Pretty, ouch.

Ricochet, yay.



You stand up, and blood rushes to your feet.  Average
stand up.

Yep, vertical loop, best part.  Yum, Vertical loop

I leave you with this one last picture, next up, Dollywood. One of the best parks ever!