Busch Gardens Europe Park Review - Coaster Source

Busch Gardens Williamsburg - July 12th, 2007 Go Back

This for one is one of the most beautiful parks I've been to. The themeing was unbelievable and the scenery was top notch. Very clean and always had well themed rides.

The operations and lines for coasters and rides were smooth and quick.

The coasters themselves were awesome and all were thrilling. Griffon was a great experience and the Alpengiest was out of this world.

The only problems I had was that I was disappointed with the food. The layout was strange and awkward in my opinion.

I had a great time and rank this park as a 9/10

We are here! What's that in the distance, Griffon!

Griffon towering over Alpengiest, wow Griffon is fun!

A building that shoots trains into trees, wow that looks like it hurt!

Some other coasters, like Lochness Monster.

Or Big Bad Wolf.

Apollo's Chariot, another awesome coaster that is full of Airtime.

Alpengiest through Griffons supports.

Alpengiest's Lift and first drop/helix thingy.

Alpengiest's awesome cobra roll.