Busch Gardens Africa Park Review - Coaster Source

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I had a lot of fun at this park. I literally had no waits for any rides except a five minute wait for Montu and I got to ride Sherikra at least 30 times through out the whole day. The staff was wonderful and the park was gorgeous and all of the animals gave it a original feel.

Although when I went to the park it was probably at least 90 degrees the whole day. I still had a great time and no waits is freaking awesome for such a big park like this!

They had world class coasters and almost all of them were a must ride! I had no idea that I would have that much fun at this park and I'm glad I made the hour drive out of Orlando to stop for a day at Busch Gardens Africa.

This park gets a easy 10/10 because I could not find one flaw with this park except the heat but that's not their fault.

First off was this racing Gwazi Tiger thing it was ok I guess.

Then at 10 the real thing I was here for opened!

It got people that stood around it WET! Do you notice how dead the park is only 3 people standing there!

Looping Goodness dive thingy... Anyways it rocked my socks! (Never Again)

Now for some other coasters. Next up Kumba!

KUMBA and Wild Mouse thingy!

I love how it forms into the ground!

Again Forming into the ground a great feature.

Only picture of the train I got its kind of cool looking....

Hey look it's Python they demolished that thing... I thought it was pretty good though! Didn't make my ears bleed and only gave me a minor headache.

Now for one of the best Inverts ever, Montu! BTW the only ride that had a line 5-10 mins, still operated and ran great.

All of its awesomeness showing off!

Loop+Montu=even better Montu

Its Scorpion! Id rather have seen this go then Python I got Whiplash!

Again as way up at the top of the page except Honoring the Wild Mouse thingy! (I wonder if it would even be noticed)

A more original version lol.

More SheiKra!

I end you with this Sun Set picture of SheiKra. (My favorite of the two Dive Coasters better themeing)