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Beech Bend Park - July 12th, 2008 Go Back

After Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, we decided we'd go to Beech Bend Park for a couple of hours. For some credits, and so on. Tyler and me, thought Beech Bend was a fun little park, with one awesome woodie. Not the greatest park, but got to experience some cool flats, and one messed up haunted house.

Kentucky Rumbler was awesome. It was fun and long, pretty smooth and not the most forceful ride. But it had surprises behind each corner, and the layout was very enjoyable. I'd have to say if you have a free day, you should head to Beech Bend. Its a fun little park, it was clean, and all the rides were very well maintened. Which is something we look for at the smaller parks. So I'd say we all had a good time.

Now onto the pictures.

We first started with Power Surge. A basic flat ride, still pretty fun though.

Notice how empty the park was, we were the only ones riding.

Now time for, Kentucky Rumbler!

Yep, its a sign.

This is a really good ride.

Take notice to only one person in the train! They were only running one train as it is, so there was no need for two.

One last picture, since it's awesome.

Aw, Missed credit number 3. 5 if you count the rotting woodie at the back of SFKK.

Oh well, I've heard its painful. Still a missed credit though.

I still made sure to not a let a credit go to waist. There's me at the back, it was a decent ride for what it was.

This little thing packed one heck of a punch.

I've always wanted to ride one of these. It was fun, pretty forceful, but nothing special. At least I finally got to try one.

Now time for the last credit. The Wild Mouse.

It spun quite a bit, after riding the one at DelGrossos not to long ago, this one kicked butt in comparison. The second half of the ride was great.

Messed up mice cars, as always.

Thanks Beech Bend for a great couple of hours, wait free!