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Kentucky Kingdom - July 8th, 2008 Go Back

Yep.  Time for the least favorite park of the trip. 
We were all very surprised on how bad it was, not completely the parks fault, but most
of it was.  The park had an "ok" selection of rides, but everything around
the rides was overgrown, or just plain gross looking.  Like over by Chang,
they had grass growing everywhere, and little pools filled with I don't know
what.  I would think they'd at least try to mow, or make some kind of
attempt.   Some areas of the park weren't to bad looking though, which
was nice.   We all knew though when we drove up, that it wasn't going
to be the nicest looking.  We drove up, and they had Razor wire, that has
to be the first or one of the first I've seen at a park.  It felt like
driving up to a prison in some ways.  Also we noticed that there was
graffiti on the rides, so obviously people got in.  I understand that some
of its just bad location.  But much of it was the parks fault.  I wish
Six Flags would take notice to some of these types of parks.  It has
potential, for one it has an awesome complex building across the way. 

Which really makes the area look nice.

The staff there went both ways.  Some of them were great,
and very friendly, or average.  But there were a few people that didn't
even want to lift a finger.  For instance, and the worst occurrence of this
was at the Go Karts.  The guy selling tickets got irritated because we
wanted to buy two tickets.  Then when we went to ride them, we soon
realized that the operators treated the ride like a normal attraction. 
They never  checked our tickets, or anyone else's.  We were the only
ones that bought them.  We wouldn't have minded if they didn't just load it
by who wanted to drive with who.  They let these kids ride separate courses
because they wanted to ride by themselves (They also did not pay).  We were
going to complain, but we really thought that it wouldn't make the slightest
difference, and it was better to go to the hotel. 

I've been to a good bit of Six Flags parks, but this one was
the worst.  The master blaster looked great.  But in my opinion, I
enjoyed Six Flags America way more then this park.  The area around the
park looks nice, so Six Flags, I hope you take attention to this, before its
just gone.  They've had enough troubles with it after the Drop Tower
incident, and they have a rotting, racing woodie at the back of it.  
So I fear it may be to late, but it still may have hope.  I hope the best
for it though.

First up, Greezed Lightnin.

Yep, Me and Tyler's first shuttle loop.  It was pretty
fun, but a bit slower then expected.

Loop was pretty forceful though.

Now its time for, Chang.

We're not a big fans of stand ups, except Shockwave at KD. 

But this one was decent.

We still think it would be so much better as a floorless, or a
normal sit down.  But that's just our crazy opinions.


I had to edit this picture to get it to look right.  But
the end result isn't to bad.  Is it?


Surprisingly, this one was smoother then some others. 
But still rough as hell.  Oh and this is Tyler's first SLC!  He's in
for a unpleasant surprise.

These things are so photogenic though.  I hope they all
end up getting those awesome new trains.

I almost forgot, Tyler hated it!  He's just lucky it was
one of the better ones.

Notice the faded paint, but the picture is still plenty

This was the best coaster in the park.  It was really
enjoyable.  Fast passes are great, they were only running one train, with a
huge wait.  So saved us a ton of time.

It was hard to get photograph's of it.  We tried using
our passes on the Ferris Wheel for pictures, but they didn't let us.  So we
just went to the hotel instead.  So sorry for the kind of poor pictures.

It's a great coaster though.  Had good plops of air.

Yeah, I made Tyler whore with me.  He refused on some
coasters, but I got him on this one!

We did use our fast passes on this.  It was pretty good. 
The trims weren't to bad on it.

I leave you with this one very last picture.  Why in the
world is this thing just rotting in the back of the park.  I was going to
drive by it, but we were worn out.  So we went straight to the hotel.