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First up, Skyliner!



It's a good ride. Nothing incredible, but decent.



Some decent plop's of air.



It's actually a cool ride. Nothing crazy, but not painful by any means.






Tyler approves.



This ride is seriously scary. It has airtime, and theres a good reason why you HAVE to have four riders to ride. It's fun, but one of the more terrifying rides out there for sure.



See, one of the moments you litterally feel the car pick up off the track.



The only direct complaint is the use of one train. But I honestly think the park is running low on funds to fix up the other ones.



Think about being rolled down the hill in a cage, and you've ridden skydiver. This thing is seriously insane. I personally think Zipper is a much better ride. But this thing can be much more insane in it's own respect.



More skyliner



The park has some really nice settings. But in some areas I've seen some better carnivals, with nicer people.



Time to go soon, that storm's coming in fast.


These people might wanna get out.



One last photo from the parking garage of Skyliner.


I wanted to save the review to the end for a reason. I didn't wanna post a "bad" review and start on those terms. I can't say I have any plans on going back untill some major changes happen. The park had some charm left. But not much. I got the feeling that this park used to be great, and had the charm of other parks like Knoebels. It's worth the stop if your going to DelGrossos. But theres a good reason why our tickets were TWO dollars to get in. But I wouldn't recommend it with people with kids, and steer clear besides the coasters. The area around the park is great, some areas are really nice in the park. But that doesn't make up for the rude staff. The park didn't follow safety protocals. When a storms coming in with lightning like it is. You close the giant metal structures. Instead guests, and employees kept operating and running rides.


I wish the park well. It has potential. I hope things turn around in the future. They have plenty of assests to the park including coasters, and rides. They'd be able to charge more for entry, if the park were to be cleaned up. They have a good selection of rides, and with some elbow grease, could have one of the best old fashioned parks around. Knoebels get's all the visitors becuase the quality of staff, attractions, and food are all around better. I understand the comparison between the two parks are a stretch. I feel that's the best park for lakemont to take notes from.