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The first park of the trip is Kings Dominion!  The park is great,
and the wooden coasters are rough, but we thought they were really fun. 
We had a good day, only had to stay for half the day since the park was
empty.  We also had to wake up early for the next day, and the long
drive to Myrtle Beach.  But it was fun, and Dominator was great. 
Again, great park, and go on a Monday.  We walked on to everything
pretty much.  Now on to the photos.

 Dominator, really Dominates the view of the front.  Can't
miss it, first thing you see before you go in.

Kings Dominion, Yay!

First up, of course, Dominator.

Yeah, it's awesome.

It's kind of just slapped down, but still a great ride.


Vertical loop goodness.

Yeah, go to Kings Dominion and ride it!

Oh yeah, hi Scooby Doo!

Another great coaster, Volcano.

Intamin needs to make more of these.  It's still great and was
the only real wait all day.

One more for now of Volcano.

Hi, Firefall, I mean "Crypt".

Next up, Italian Job, I mean Backlot: Stunt Coaster.  I prefer
the old names more, but that may just be me.  Also this ride lacked
a lot of the special effects, little things like the Police Sirens. 
Cedar Fair, it makes it much better when there on, take the advice.

The real cars aren't much bigger, funny little Mini Coopers.

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Hello Anaconda, first looping coaster for me.  I was
about 6, I think.  Real coaster enthusiasts are born!

Enough said.

Outer limits, I mean Flight of Fear, or is it now Flightdeck? 
God, this is confusing, I honestly don't know the name.

Then it was for the Togo, not so bad machine.

Then we rode Ricochet, this mouse is quite enoyable.

Flyer's, yay.

Now, a little bit of sad, Hypersonic's old location.

Just think, it used to tower over you, right here.

Here's a ariel view of it.  The track is located behind
grizzly's turn around.  All of it is still on the grounds, you can only see
it if you look off to the side on grizzly, its hard to see even on any of the
towers.  It was just chance that I noticed it.  Tyler didn't see any
of it.  I got a small picture of it just a little bit, but its hard to

There's were its at.

Here's some pictures from the Eifel Tower.


Drop Zone!

Some more of Dominator.

See, the park was empty.

This is a cool picture, and the last.  Hope you enjoyed
the update, stay tuned for Hard Rock, and two side trips.  South of the
Border, and Family Kingdom!