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Welcome to Kennywood!

On our way to Phantom's Revenge first.

Getting Closer

Pirate Ship

Even Closer

And we're here! Tyler standing out infront of the entrance sign. Also notice the awareness of the Ride Op. To be fair it is only the person that sits infront of the line.

Weeeee! In all seriosness this ride is seriously awesome. The airtimes great, so is the second drop.

Nerd photo.


I like this photo a lot.

Obligated lift hill shot.

Phantoms Revenge station.

Nerd Shot 2.

Great drop, and headchopper.

Airtime hill, helix, and Thunderbolt all in one.


Intamin Drop Tower yay.


More Phantom's Revenge.


We'll get back to you later.

Giant Disco (Can't remember the correct name)

Next up, Jack Rabbit.

It was ok, but the history on all the old wooden coasters here are all very interesting.

There's some ok air time on it.


Love the logo.

One last picture.

Next up, Thunder Bolt.

Nevermind Thunderbolt, it's all about Phantom's Revenge.

It was ok, but to be fair I expected a lot. Also didn't it a few years back have working headlights?



I love this picture.



Last one.

Kennywood's one nice looking park.

Yeah, one picture of me won't hurt this time I guess.

Neither will one of Tyler

Racer, neat due to the fact of one singe track.

Hard to get many photos of it.

The last coaster of the trip was exterminator, and it did not dissapoint. We expected the least out of it, and it was a lot of fun.

But your still number one.


Just two more after this.


That's all for Phantom's Revenge.

We see you!

Ooooh, Aaaaah.


And thats all! Stay tuned this weekend for Kingsisland!

Thanks Kennywood for such an awesome time, way better then we both expected. Clean park, great rides, and staff. No complaints I can think of. Just wish I would have gotten to this park sooner!