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Idlewild is a nice little family park located in the wood's of Pennsylvania.



Oh yes, your about to leave reality as you know it, and venture into the woods full of wonderfully scary creatures.



No! Don't do it!



Well a duck, and a stalker boy. Off to a great start!



Meow, meow!



Come along to the hug and song!



We made it! Our lives shall never be the same.



These old spiders are awesome little rides.



The awesome wild mouse. This thing is pretty freaking awesome.



It has some little plops of air.



Onto the Rollo Coaster. Which is a fun little coaster that runs along side a small hill and weaves in and out of trees.






The station.



These things are pretty fun.



Really bummed out this wasn't working, never been on a classic caterpilar.



The theming reminded me of a much smaller scale dollywood.



Classic ferris wheel of death. Check!






Nothing amazing at snapping, but still a have decent ride.



This gives you an idea on just how awesome the parks location is.


Really glad we finally made it to Idlewild. I HIGHLY recommend this park. Decently priced, with a good collection of rides with a few good coasters. If your decission is here or Knoebels/Lakemont. I'd recomend this place a million times over those parks. While DelGrossos is a decent park, this place is much more family oriented. It's one of those good old fashioned Storybook parks, and they haven't stepped away from that for a second. If your in the area, you won't be dissapointed by this park that seems to go under the radar.