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Overall a great park, with a great selection of coasters. What really stood out this trip though was how well the staff was. I really can't stress enough how awesome all the park employee's were, the absolute best out of any Six Flags park I've been to before. Very fast operations, INFORMATIVE, talkative, and seemed to enjoy there jobs. Something you don't see very often. I don't wanna jump the gun, but if this is how other Six Flags parks are operating, then they've really stepped it up. I personally don't like being lied to my face, even though it's procedure. But when a ride was down, they gave all the information they had. Talked to guests, and didn't give the standard "We don't know anything" routine. I understand the purpose, but I must say. When the employees tell you while they don't know for sure when the rides going to open, but it should be a few minutes from the problems there experiencing. Helps a lot making the decision to leave the line, and lose potentially hours of waisted time.

The new Q-Bot's are amazing! Let's go back to the staff for a second while on the subject. We we're informed when getting are Q-bot that lines weren't expected to be long, and that we can be refunded, or exchanged for another day. Now talk about customer service. They were willing to let go a good 120 dollars for customer satisfaction, and you know what? It wouldn't have mattered even IF they didn't offer the refund. That's treating the customer right. That's something I wouldn't expect just about anywhere else. But back on the topic of Q-bot's. They are a little pricey, but worth every penny! We still went ahead with it even after the warning, considering we only had a day at the park. Glad we did, while the gesture was nice, lines quickly reached 1-3 hours on all major attractions. But the q-bot system was so awesome it was like that park was empty the entire day. Selecting rides straight from the device is genius, the older q-bots were pretty cool as well. But after finally using the new system. I'm impressed to say the least.

Overall we had an awesome day, rode EVERYTHING about 5 times over. The staff were wonderful, the coasters were amazing, and the park was clean.

A few not so good notes. Food prices, terrible. What I don't understand is why don't they charge you the same awful prices, but hey, portion it out better maybe? They pay next to nothing for the actual food. Why not save the trouble of angry guests, and give large portion sizes. I understand the tickets are cheap, but parking makes up for that with the womping 20 dollar parking fee's. It's just a thought, considering I heard many guests complaing about food prices.

I hate to go on about this, since it seems to be the moaning topic of the park. But some decent flat rides could really take away from lines, and fill in the park very nicely. For the price of one coaster, you can get many flat rides. So maybe some smaller investments like flat rides wouldn't hurt.

Oh and people, the general public in particular. Treat employees with respect. There just doing there job, and when a ride like Kingda Ka shuts down, and your mad that it's the fifth time it's happened to you. Maybe take a note that particular ride has issues, and life goes on perhaps. Don't be irrate to park employees that are obviously geniunely nice people.

Drving up to fog, and coasters!

See, I told you, foggy!

El Toro first.

Then the sun came out, and we used are awesome Q-bot to ride nitro 3 times in a row avoiding a 2 hour line.

One more of Nitro.

Batman the ride next. Batman clones get a thumbs up by us!

Forceful, and smooth all at once.

Two vertical loops don't hurt either.

Ferris Wheel, check.

I enjoy these much more then Flying Dutchman's.


Onto Cha... Green Lantern.

I can't give my opinion on it considering that I don't really enjoy any stand up B&M's. But it was nicely themed. The general public also seemed to eat it up. So it seems like a win for the park.


It goes upsidedown, it's standing, and it's GREEEEEEN!!!!!


Kingda Ka

Back to El Toro, my new number 1 coaster. It's seriously amazing.




Even the lift is awesome.

The stride train.

I have to admit the new theming on this is pretty awesome. I wish the audio was working though.




Check out the awesome Q-Bot, with all the rides closed due to rain.


The scarry storm coming in with 1in hail and 70 mph wind gusts!!!!!!

Let's just ignore the storm and get some "wet" photo's of El Toro.

Oh, and pictures of diapers!

El Toro would like to take ths time to tell you that it's awesome.

Frontier Adventures, the home of our shelter as another storm approaches.

I think it's gone, time to go back for some more El Toro.

Then onto Kingda Ka, which DID open at last! Way to go park operations. Even after the park was dead with only 2 hours left in the day, and a total wash out. They still got it open for the twenty guests or so waiting for it.

Front seat rides are amazing on these things.

Bizarro at night was pretty cool with the light effects. Rode it about four times without leaving our seat.

Attempting to get an overpriced Diet Coke, and failing.

Yes, still awesome, even at night.

This section of the park was really cool looking at night. Wish the park was open till ten instead of nine just for some awesome night rides.

See Ya Six Flags!

Thanks for reading everyone, hope you enjoyed our first Trip Report of the year!