Hershey Park Park Review - Coaster Source

Hershey Park - July 12th, 2008 Go Back

A few days ago with Tyler and his family.  We
went up to Hershey for the day and got some pictures and
had fun.  Some of these pictures are including the
Removal of CRR.

We'll come back to you later.

Hi Tyler.

Oh, and hi there.

Hi place that I've never eaten at, and want to.

I see you peaking up.

Me: What you talkin about. Tyler: YAAAAY!

Group picture: Me, Tyler, Tyler's mom, Tyler's Sister


One of the best pictures of storm runner ever!

You just can't live up to the other one.

An attempt to get a picture of the construction.

Attempt number two.

Hello there.

Comet gets some love to.


Underwater Duck!


Umm, can't go that way.

Since we can't stop Hershey from taking out CRR, maybe
environmentalists can.

Oh, and hi there.  I'm sorry Fahrenheit, I still love
you.  But 2009 is a coming!

Don't hate meh!

That doesn't look right.

Kind of creepy looking.

No CRR for us today, you shall be missed.

No pretty for you!

Was that always like that?

It looks like it could still be ran.


I had a tear coming down my face....

Look at Mr. Jealous peaking up.

To bad all this is going to be concrete, and hardly any trees

I do like this picture though, I think it looks cool.

You get some love now.


I sorry.

But this is exciting.

Are you sad to, or just annoyed that I keep taking pictures?

Ok, you were way more exciting going up then CRR.  So its

To bad its a little blurry.

Back to SR.


Don't go to the light!

I leave you with a night shot of Wildcat.

We all had a fun day, and Fahrenheit I think is getting over
it.  I think these captions were some of the dumbest so far!