Hershey Park Park Review - Coaster Source

Hershey Park - June 12th, 2008 Go Back

A few weeks ago Tyler, and I went to Hershey for the
day. Since the place was packed from head to toe, we
rode some of the rides we normally never do. Also got
some neat pictures from places we haven't yet. Hope
everyone enjoys them!

Hello Great Bear, to bad you were running one train, with a
huge line.

But you still are loved.

Um, can't think of a comment, oh yeah, pretty!

Hello Sooperdooperlooper.

But its still Great Bears time to shine, and it sure is

I <3 Great Bear.

One last picture, then on to some other coasters.

Hi there Comet, your still pretty good.

I lied, theirs more.

Great Bear is haunted, notice the spirit bulb in the corner.


This is the last one, I promise.

Well hi there.

Your not over hyped, to me at least.

Umm, wha... Oh yeah, PRETTY!

Intamin, equals gold.

A little closer, ironically Closer by NeYo is playing. (I'm

Boardwalk, would be fun if you could actually ride some things
without a two hour wait.

But your worth it, but not today. It was relax time.

Cobra Roll, yum.

Wildcat, I truly like this coaster a whole lot. It's been a
favorite of mine for years.

Two really great coasters, oh and that Vekoma thing peeking
up. At least Hershey has a smoother one!

Now the two favorite pictures of the day before we end.
Awesome picture number one.

Awesome picture number two.

Thanks everyone for reading, its really been an awesome
summer. But the excitement isn't over! I can guarantee everyone at least 4-5
more reports from various parks. So again, thanks everyone. I wouldn't take the
time to write all these if it wasn't for all you guys and girls, and the
continuous support and posts.