Hershey Park Boardwalk Construction Park Review - Coaster Source

Hershey Park - January 13th, 2009 Go Back

A lot of construction was going on today. Luckily there was a open gate. Don't worry I made sure to not pass it. But I was aloud to get close.

Some construction stuff, yep, thats about it.

Yay, closer look at construction stuff.


A booth being constructed.

13 seems to be a likeable number here at hershey. Notice the writing on the one cement piece.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Can't go past that point.

Seems like there making one of the pool walls, nevermind me. Just acting like I know what I'm talking about.

Now lets go around and take pictures of Hershey. First up, Comet.

Hello Fahrenheit.

A little more of Fahrenheit.

Vertical lift hill goodness.

Hi there Wildcat.

A decent overview of Fahrenheit.

Ligtning Racers gets some love too.

I like this picture a lot for some reason. Isn't that special I guess, but I like it.

This picture was meant to spotlight Storm Runner, but Fahrenheit insists on peaking up.

Well theres a little mini off season report of Hershey Park. I should have one more before the season resumes.