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Hershey Park Trip Report, May 31, 2009.


Let's start out with some pictures of Storm Runner.

Gotta love Intamin.

Same as above.

Flying Falcon can be pretty fun too.

But doesn't really compare to Storm Runner in my opinion.

Scenic picture FTW!

I still find Sidewinder one of the more enjoyable Vekoma Boomerangs.

Still like CRR's more, but they didn't do a half bad job on the Boardwalk Seaquel.

There's a picture of the wavepool, and now with this being cleared you can get a pretty good view of Fahrenheit.

Fahrenheit really does have a great drop.


I like this picture.



Cobra Roll!

I like this picture a lot, to bad the colors got messed up.



It's starting to really grow around Fahrenheit, making it look a lot less generic I guess you could say.

Couldn't decide to use this picture, or the one above so I used both.



Storm Runner shwooshing by.


Hello Great Bear.

Tyler looks so thrilled that I'm taking his picture.

Yep...It is...Bird...AND...Bird Lady! One lame comment can't hurt :p

No trip to Hershey would be complete without a trip to the zoo.



I love these things.

Great Bear.

I leave everyone with this picture of Great Bear. I hope everyone enjoyed the first PTR from me for the year. If things go as planned this weekend I should be up at Kennywood, then next weekend Kings Island.