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I'd like to apologize real quick for the extreme lack of
updates.  I've been busy with family issues, and website time has been
short.  Hope you all understand.

At the last minute we added Holiday to the trip, since we
figured out it was only an hour or two from where we were staying.  It's
been a place that we've been wanting to go to for years.  I've heard so
many good things, and well the Voyage itself was a good enough reason.  It
was worth it to take the extra time to stop off there.  The park was clean,
free sodas, and so decent woodies.

It wasn't the best park of the trip, but it was a pleasant
park.  With a good selection of rides.  We found it interesting that
it goes from Christmas/Thanksgiving, to Halloween.  Big difference of the
two, haha.  Anyways, heres the report, hope you all enjoy.

Hi Holiday World.

Oh and hi Raven.

Since your the first coaster we've seen so far, lets see why
you won those golden tickets.

Looks pretty good.  Oh and notice the free lockers,

But those expressions sum it up.  It's an ok coaster, but
we expected more.  Still the wooded area makes it different, to bad we left
before dark.  Since we were all tired.

Doesn't look like we will be riding this yet.

We'll check back soon.

Lets start heading to the real reason we came!

Yeah its going to be awesome.

Much rougher then expected.  The ride though was insane,
long, wicked, and well can't say much more.  I think of it the wooden, well
Hybrid version of MF.  Don't know why, but staring at the lift, and first
drop reminded me of it.

Now back to Legend, which OPENED!

This ride was great, I've heard bad things.  But we
thought it was great, very fun ride.

Same shot, further away.


The howling was a nice touch.


Hi there.

Um, hi again.


Would have been better without the railing.

Just had to go and get this picture.

After we left, we decided to check out the museum.



I leave you with this model thing.

Thanks everyone for reading, also thank you Holiday World for
providing a great day!