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Hard Rock Park - July 10th, 2008 Go Back

Now it's time for Hard Rock Park.  It was a nice park,
and themed well.  But it was so much smaller then I thought, and what
everyone else thought with me.  Only real thrill was Zeppelin, Maximum RPM
was fun, but the wait was about two hours.  They were nice enough to warn
you that it was a soft opening type of thing, and its not fully operational, and 

it will be a long wait due to that.  The park just needs a bit more, it has
potential, but could be better.  From what I was told, they are already
expanding it, so that's a plus.

Now this park had some of the best guest services, and
employees that I have "ever" seen at a park.  Every last employee seemed to
love there job, and all of them were friendly and talkative.  We got stuck
on the White Knight Satin thing or whatever, it was screwed up, put it that way. 
But after we got off, they picked us out for some reason for a VIP trip on
Zeppelin, or any other ride of our choice.  (We should have rode Maximum
RPM, but we all liked zeppelin more, but zeppelin had no wait at all.  Are
fault though).  Anyways, I don't know if it was due to the brake down, or
just chance.  I'm wondering this, as it was only one person, and a lot of
people didn't get this.  But we got escorted throughout the park, showed us
some of the cool little effects you might not notice.  But I was amazed, by
far some of the best staff.  Also we were all shocked about this, it was
not expected what so ever.  We weren't at all aggravated from the brake
down either.  It was only 10 minutes or so.

Another great thing, was the theming, Karaoke lines, wow.  
Everything was very well themed, and all themed to Rock.  This park with
the theming, and staff, amazed me.  The whole park was great, the
experience was awesome, just needs some more rides.  I hope to go back in a
few years when its more expanded, but defiantly worth the stop.

Welcome to Hard Rock Park!

Theming, top notch of course.

First up of Course, Led Zeppelin the Ride.

Great ride, basic but I liked it a lot.

Two vertical loops, equals awesome.

Mini Vertical Loop.

One more.

Now time for Maximum RPM!

It broke down, but everyone in the line, I mean everyone that
waited two hours for it left right away.  So we just got front seat for a
10 minute break down.  Still waited a hour and a half though.

Testing it.


I found that kind of cool looking.


There's people on that one.

See, told you.

White night castle or whatever, this is just a sample on how
messed up it was in every way.

Um, yeah.

As we got stuck on it we took this picture.  I'm still
kind of in shock with what everything I just witnessed.

Kiddie Credit!

One more.

Um, meh.

Hi Maximum RPM.

Time for Eagles Life In the Fast Lane, we kind of enjoyed it
but still not that great.  I hope they get a better selection of rides

Yeah, that's about it.


Just one more after this.

Now I leave you with the coolest picture of the day. 
Those kites were flown all day, btw.