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Saturday, Tyler, and my family went to the Great Frederick County Fair. The reason this fair is so special, to me at least. Is because I've been going to this fair for every year of my life. It's a yearly tradition, and I have many memories there. It's also a key factor why I love rides, and rollercoasters so much now. Even though this time, it wasn't that well done, compared to other years. We still had a lot of fun. Now onto the picture report.

First up, Tornado!

Then onto Freak Out.

Back of Tyler's head, oh and if you have no friends, they'll get you one.

Credit number one.

Gravitron, thats missing padding on seats, and the floor was pealing up.

Indy-500, credit number 2.

Decent for a county fair.

Look at theses awesome cars! Ok, I take back what I said about safety standards.

Back to Tornado, seriously one of the best flats ever. (Carnies running it, not so much, they were the absolute sterotypical rude carnies.)

Another shot of the only adult credit.

Epic ferris wheel shot.

Tyler staring at me, since ferris wheels make him nervous. But I get that way sometimes too.

Midway shot 1.

Midway shot 2.

And one more.

Kiddy credit FTW!

A sad moment for all, Tango closed. The single most awesome flat ever. But it was expected, it never runs past the third day without breaking, and they never fix it before packing up. Typical.....

But there was more KMG goodness.

Theres a third credit in there somewhere.

Awesome ride. Now look in the corner left of the screen. This guy started yelling at us after we sat in the open seat right in front of us. Then we heard him say sit here, so we did what he said. After we sat down, exact quote "I guess I'm just supposed to stand here looking stupid. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know were to sit. I guess you guys need some kind of medication to understand were to sit, said some other stuff, then walked off mumbling." Real mature, lol. All I know is that everywhere I've worked at I'd be fired on spot for simply giving a dirty look. It's not like I was making more than this guy either. Theres no excuse now-a-days for poor workers when were in a economic recission, and everyone can't even get the simplest of jobs. Allowing this guy to work for the company is a mistake of the company. I've met plenty of carnival operators/owners/ and employees. None of which acted like this individual.

Freak out.

Orbitor. (Another awesome ride)

Both in one!

Nightmare Castle, looks impressive. You go in, then go into this big empty room, with a torn tent over it. So you could see everything. Except it was nothing, just one big empty room with one ancient metal skeleton at the end. We walked off laughing. Should win best Dark err, Light Ride of 09!

Even though its broke, still deserves some love.

They do have one great ferris wheel.

Not to bad of a swinging ship.

Credit number three!

Some last pictures of Freak Out.


Thanks for reading, and it was nice to share a lifetime tradition for me with everyone.