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Now that its winter, I've been holding back a few parks to keep the off season alive. Now its time for the first half of the East Coaster Side Parks!

Well the first side park of the trip was Pedro Land at South of the border. No surprise that it wasn't open, but I saw something that surprised me. There was indeed the park operators, and a landscaping company cleaning up the park. Apparently they have been working on making it a ok park and getting some of those rides open. So I give them credit on effort on there part. But the place was still a dump.

Welcome to, umm, South of the Border (Hell).

The scary Elevator ride of death, that we decided to do at Kings Island for free.

OMG, there is a credit in this place! Honestly this was the nicest looking thing there, and I don't think it even operates...

The owners really couldn't care less when I asked to get some pictures. I think any sort of advertising they could get they'd take it.

Yep, thats about it.

Well thats about it of South of the Border. At least I can say I saw it once in my life, and thats about all I want to see it.

Nextly on the East Coaster Side trip, we have a much nicer park that we went to after Hard Rock Park. We decided to head to Family Kingdom, that had a awesome wooden coaster that did not dissapoint.

Traditional breaks....Check.

This thing was seriously awesome, you see that little hill there. Yeah, some decent ejector air.

It was decently sized too.

I wish I would have gotten one of the train, but it was hard since they were only running one at the time.

Wouldn't this picture just be that much more awesome with a train?



Picture would be ok if it wasn't for the heads....

How can you not like this ride, it was one of the biggest surprises of the trip.

Just one last picture till we head out to eat.

We rode in this thing the whole trip!, but not really.

After searching for an hour, we finally get to eat!

I'll keep all you occupied on the off season with a few more side parks. Full parks, Construction pictures, and bonuse pictures that didn't make the cut in the past!