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Well my mom, and me decided we would head up to
Dorney this weekend. I had a pretty good time, but it was very
hot.  It was 95 and humid all, day, so that wasn't fun. But still had a good time and I do like Dorney.  We left for
the park around 11:30 and got there at 2:30. Once we got there
we went and got are season passes processed, then off to the park we
went.  First I went over to Talon, luckily it broke down and
opened right when I got to the entrance. So I was able to get
on with no wait. Then again the whole day the main park was
pretty empty, the water park not so much.

Next we headed over to Hydra, that twist out of
the station is insane. I really enjoyed this baby floorless
coaster. It's so tiny, but still pretty fun. Again
another walk on, I think I waited no more then 10 minutes for any
ride once the water park let out, and 10 for voodoo. So the
lines were pretty awesome all day.

Next we went over to Thunderhawk. I really
enjoy this woodie. If they didn't have those trim brakes, it
would be easily my favorite. There was five I think through
out the whole ride. It did still produce some good airtime,
but I would love to ride with the trims off. Next up was Steel
Force, meh.

Next up was Voodoo, I still think of it back when
it was Superman. But that was the last time I rode it. It's a good ride, and the operators made the experience more unique. They had fun launching you, the went 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, the launch. 
Didn't expect it, also they slowed it down, then let it go up the
back spike a little bit then stuck it in the station. Never
experienced that before. It's a nice addition at least I think
so. Then Laser, Wow, what a ride.  I think it was a
mixture of the heat, but during the loops I had a minor black out. It really packs a punch, and I forgot how much. Please don't
sell it, its kind of ugly, but still fun. A paint job is

I really don't want Dorney to be like Geauga Lake.
I noticed it had a lot of the same characteristics. The water
park was full and the park was empty, on a Saturday.  It was
also like that last time I went. Which is why I think it could
be done for.  I've lost Big Dipper, don't take away
Thunderhawk. But it has more hope, it was still a little more
crowded, and also they got two new coasters, and it isn't in
competition with there star park.  So it's probably just me,
but it worries me, they already got rid of Geauga Lake.  Anyone
else have that feeling of Dorney?  Again, I doubt it, but after
Geauga Lake I don't trust Cedar Fair completely. Well I had a
pretty good day, liked the coasters. I don't get the chance to
go to Dorney that much, so it was fun to get back to it.  Hope
you enjoyed my report, now on to the photo's.

Photo Report

Is that train empty?

Why, yes it is!

Apparently it broke down, and now its testing.  So I'll
get a few pictures then head over to it.

It's open now, I still like this coaster.  Smooth, a bit
short, but a lot of fun.

Next up....Hydra!

Look at how tiny it is, merely 95 feet.

I don't see how this brought down Hercules.....  It's
just so tiny, how could it take that down?

Cobra Roll, yum.

Next up Thunderhawk.  Really is a great coaster, but
without the trims it could be 20 times better.

Ok first drop.

I can just imagine how much airtime would be here without


I think this was my favorite picture of the day.  Now
only if there was a train going down Thunder hawk and one on Steel Force to.

Steel Force, the force that is made out of steel! 
Horrible captions as always.

Lift hill shot.

This reminds me of a mini Steel Dragon 2000.

I'll get to you soon Laser.

But Superman..., I mean Steel Ve..., Um..Voodoo is first.

This got about half of what I wanted to do.  I wanted the
train to look like a blur going past, but didn't work.  Have to learn more
about my camera.  Still kind of blurry, lol.

Why is this one so dark?  It was very bright out.

Best picture of Voodoo.

I really like this sign a lot, those candles add a awesome
effect alone.

Ok laser, I'm here!

A bit rough, but the forces are awesome.

Both loops, and a crooked picture, yay!

Best Line Jumping sign ever!

I don't know why, but I noticed this.  Since when was
Intamin a Vekoma.  I don't "think" I would like Voodoo as much if it had
SLC trains, or track for that matter.

Already have it.

This one also, even though its powered.

Oh, and this one.

Sunset picture.

Ahh, night time!

This had a small wait every time I passed it.  Most
likely longest wait in the park.  So I skipped it.

Good old Cedar fair.  Soon all trash cans won't be able
to be out of a 2 feet radius of each other.  If you litter at a Cedar Fair
park, your a bad person, simple as that, lol.

One last ride on Talon, then I'm out.

Thanks Dorney, for a fun day.