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Dollywood - July 10th, 2008 Go Back

Next up, Dollywood!  Wow this has to be the best parks of the trip. 
We thought the park was flawless.  We all thought Hard Rock Parks
staff was nice, but wow Dolly put them to shame.  Dollywood had
excellent theming, and Mystery Mine and Thunderhead are both some of the
best coasters in the world.  They both rank in my top 10, also in
Tylers.  Thunderhead is tied as my favorite woodie.  I wonder
how a park could get any better.  We didn't even expect it to be
that great.  We thought it would be basic, and a nice little park. 
But this is a world class park, and it was great.  This was the
most enjoyable park of the trip, everyone needs to visit Dollywood now!

Now let me tell you specifically about the two great coasters. 
First up Thunderhead.  Thunderhead was a non stop wooden coaster,
it never let up, and it was long.  The whole ride was very wild,
still smooth, and was great.  There wasn't a single flaw with it. 
Now onto Mystery Mine, this ride was done very well.  The beginning
was great, you felt like you were on an old abandoned mine, as you
rocked and creeped along the track.  The rest of the ride was a non
stop thrill, as you go up two vertical lifts.  This ride put
Fahrenheit to shame, I thought Fahrenheit was awesome, but nothing
compared to this ride.  Oh yeah, Mystery Mine has a few surprises
up its sleeve!

Looks like we know which way were heading.

I had a tragic accident, I thought of an SLC, and then I died. 
Hey the corny captions are back!  I've been slacking on them.

We see you Thunderhead, you thought two dinky trees could hide

We're about to experience one of the best wooden coasters

It deserved all the golden tickets in the world!


Yeah, what else can I say, its awesome.  If you haven't
got the point yet.

One last picture.

Here we come Mystery Mine, you have a lot to do to beat



Just a few more of Mystery Mine, it deserves it.

Go to Dollywood now!

Veggie Tales, yay!

Now time for Tennessee Tornado!

Yeah, its gonna hurt most likely.

Yeah, that looks to be painful.

Surprisingly it only hurt a little tiny bit.  Dollywood is so awesome.



I leave you this picture of such an awesome wooden coaster taken from such an
awesome steel coaster.

Again go to Dollywood now, the park is amazing.  It's also in such an
awesome location, and is so pretty.  I wish I got so many more pictures,
but I was enjoying all the parks.  I could have gotten so many more of each
park, which I regret I didn't.  Next up is Kentucky Kingdom, the least
enjoyable park of the trip.  Ironic it comes after such a great park.

Wow, this is going to be awesome.  But once your inside,
this part just doesn't come close.  Theming top notch!

This car likes to go on the turny thingy.

Yes!  Oh Yes!