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Gröna Lund Releases Plans for 2024 Expansion

3 years ago

The popular park released artist renderings for a proposed 2024 expansion. Some of the highlights to this announcement from the parks site are as follows:

Here you can read more about our vision for Gröna Lund 2024 where we also answered the most common questions we received along the way.

Gröna Lund 2024
Here you can read more about our vision for Gröna Lund 2024 where we also answered the most common questions we received along the way.

If you want to take part in all documents regarding the expansion plans, these can be both read and downloaded from the City of Stockholm's website.

Gröna Lund was founded in 1883 and is one of the world's oldest amusement parks. But it was just over 40 years later, in 1924, that Djurgården became the obvious gathering place for everyone who was interested in funfair in Stockholm. That was the year when the competitor Nöjesfältet, which had previously been traveling around, moved into the plot Skeppsholmsviken opposite Gröna Lund. In the years that followed, Nöjesfältet and Gröna Lund were angry competitors, but when the children of Gröna Lund's and Nöjesfältet's owners fell in love and got married, the battle ax could be dug down and a cohesive amusement park area emerged.

The amusement park closed its operations in 1957 and the area has since been forgotten as a boring parking lot. In 2024, a hundred years after Nöjesfältet opened its gates on Skeppsholmsviken, we hope to be able to put the shovel in the ground to once again be able to create a cohesive amusement park area on both sides of the public alley for both amusement park visitors and zoo strollers. We want to create a new and inviting public promenade on a piled bridge in the water outside Gröna Lund, a small-scale and vibrant Djurgårdskvarter that connects to existing architecture, a public square area to create larger areas by the Djurgårdsfärjan and a completely new amusement park with both games, restaurants and attractions for all ages.

Tivoli area
Surrounded by new zoo neighborhoods and overlooking the sparkling Saltsjön, we create a new amusement park area for guests of all ages.
Games, restaurants, ice cream parlors, trees and greenery should be combined with attractions that are both nerve-wracking and child-friendly - a varied amusement park area in harmony with the surroundings. Greenery is important for many reasons and at least 25 percent of land and roof surfaces must be designed with trees and vegetation. The area closest to the water should have a more park-like character, where new trees are planted and low shed-like houses are placed sparsely behind the trees, so that the area forms a green park-like front towards Saltsjön and the promenade.

The beach promenade
Stockholm's beautiful inlet is something unique that we should cherish and be proud of.

Being able to walk along the waterline in the inner city is a fantastic experience that both Stockholmers and visiting guests enjoy. One of our highest priorities is that all zoo visitors should be able to walk along the shoreline even outside the new amusement park area.

We want to build a wide and inviting public bridge promenade that is placed in the water just outside the amusement park area. Here, the public will be able to walk all the way from Djurgårdsbron to the ferry terminal Allmänna Gränd (something you can not do today), with benches and areas on the pier that invite you to stop and enjoy the view. Read more about Strandpromenaden in our questions and answers at the bottom of the page.

With small-scale architecture similar to that in Djurgårdsstaden and the nearby Wasahamnen, we create an inviting Djurgårdskvarter that encloses the new amusement park area.

The buildings will borrow architectural elements from historic buildings in and around the area. The house on the corner of Falkenbergsgatan / Allmänna gränd, for example, is clearly inspired by the building that stood on the site during the second half of the 19th century. Towards Falkenbergsgatan, there are opportunities to bring the street to life with cafés and shops that are open all year round for both zoo walkers and the residents in the area. An airy bridge over Allmänna gränd connects Gröna Lund's existing area with the new amusement park area and a new entrance is built towards Allmänna gränd. Read more about Djurgårdskvarteret in our questions and answers at the bottom of the page.

The above sections were translated from Swedish to English, you can view the full article here:
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